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Rectifier charger

Modular-type low voltage converters (ZVU-M) are designed to receive alternating current electrical energy, convert it into direct current electrical energy, charge various types of stationary storage batteries, and power the load both in a buffer with and without a storage battery.

ZVU-M are based on high-frequency units and allow to optimally calculate the design of the ZVU. Modular and hot-swappable design meet the most demanding power system requirements, including N + 1 rectifier unit redundancy and easy expansion of existing systems.


  • Reliable power supply of DC power consumers;
  • Power supply of relay protection circuits, automation and tele mechanics, remote control equipment, emergency and warning alarm system;
  • Charging and recharging of storage batteries (SB) in the following modes: maintaining the SB charge with stabilized voltage, accelerated AB charge, equalizing the AB charge;
  • Thermo compensation of the battery charge (control of the output voltage of the rectifiers depending on the temperature);
  • Control of voltage deviations at the input and output;
  • When the supply voltage disappears and is subsequently restored, ZVU-M automatically restore all modes of operation and maintain the parameters set before the disappearance of the supply voltage;
  • Measurement of insulation resistance with the formation of warning and alarm signals when it drops (option);
  • Inclusion of power modules for parallel operation and equalization of module currents;
  • Digital indication of the parameters of the supply network, power modules, SB and load; identification of emergency states of modules;
  • Formation of signals "EMERGENCY" on "dry contacts";
  • Keeping a log of accidents;
  • Data transmission using one of the following protocols: a) Modbus RTU, RS-485 interface; b) Modbus TCP / IP (open communication protocol); c) IEC 60870-5-104 (specialized protocol "Tele mechanics devices and systems", "Transmission protocols", option); d) IEC 61850 (specialized protocol "Communication networks and substation systems", option).



Input voltage (V)~ 230 ± 15%, ~ 400 ± 15%
Output voltage (V)= 24, = 48, = 60, = 110, = 220
Frequency (Hz)50 (60) ± 10%
Noise level (dB)47
Voltage regulation range190…255 V (176…270 V, option)
Current regulation range0…100%
Output voltage ripple (without battery)up to 0,5%
Case colorRAL 7035
Working temperature (°ะก)+1...+40
Degree of protectionIP31, IP54
Average service life30 years
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